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Even if we have great results, we still lose games by only one run. So, for this reason we have developed this great system. We will place 2 bets on our daily selection.

We will place a stake on the run line but we will also place a stake on the money line for the same selection. This way we will protect our run line in case we lose the game by only one run.

The first stake will be one unit Система 2 3 в букмекерской конторе the run line. Just like we are usually doing. The second stake will be two units on the money line for the same team.

Гораздо больше, чем просто документы.

So, because most of the time the money line is higher than 1. If we win by more than 1 run, we win both bets. One on the money line and one on the run line. If we lose the bet by more than 1 run, we lose both bet. On this chart, the first number next to the team is the run line and the next one on the right is the money line. As you can see, we lose the run line bet but we win the money line bet.

We win both bets. We lose the bet on the run line and we win the bet on the money line. Again here, we lose the bet on the run line and we win the bet on the money line. However, by using the system, we made a profit of. Sure, the flat betting system using our selection is working very well too over the long run. This example was just to show you how the system works in a bad losing run.

This is just another way of making a lot of profit with our daily MLB selections. Now, here are the results we had last year with this system:. Pluslinesports Flat Betting Results Applied to baseball. All this profit was made using our daily MLB run line selection and the system! Join Now! First of all, if you stay with us for all year and if you use all our sports picks, you can expect a profit of around units every year.

You can really do it too just like we do. To do so, you just have to get on board and secure your membership right now to have immediate access to our daily baseball selections.

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